English Bulldog Puppies Information

When purchasing a couple of English Bulldog Puppies, it is extremely important that you know the source you are buying from.

If you talk to any experienced BullDog owner or breeder, they will most recommend not buying from pet stores.

This is because many pet stores buy from unhealthy sources and tend not to care about the Bulldog Puppies well being.

If you ever stop by a pet store, just look at the way these animals are caged up all day. Typically the shopkeeper does not take the time to let the dog out of its cage and help it stretch its legs. Imagine being cooped up in a small space until someone decides to buy you?

This is hardly a flattering thought. Also, when it comes closing time, many shopkeepers will not move their dogs to another location where it is safer, brighter, or warmer. This means that your puppies will be sitting in the dark for 14 or more hours until it is 8-9am when the shop opens again.

This is no way to treat a young dog, but moreover, these dogs come from horrible breeding farms that can be easily riddled with Dog Diseases.

It is quite easy for one dog to catch worms, parasites, Fleas and most times they do not even get their required shots before being shipped off to a pet store or other distributor.

These farms usually take the puppies away from the mother way too early. This means the English bulldog puppies are still attached to the mother and could begin to moan or whine.

There are a considerable amount of health concerns for english bulldog puppies that come out of these farms. Not only could they be ridden with disease from parasites, but also genetic Dog Health issues can ensue.

This ends up costing you a lot more in vet fees and could actually force you to use your Dog First Aid Kit on a regular basis.

The best way to stop such places is to force them to close down or get these companies to improve their living conditions. The only way to do that is through knowledge, awareness, and not supporting them.

Reputable breeders might be costly, but you know what you are getting. You can visit their facilities to see how their dogs are treated. Some might be kennel trained already, so you might see several dog cages around, but this does not mean these dogs live in there all day.

Breeders will typically let their dogs out to run around and play in a circular fence outside. If they have a big enough facility, they might even move this circular fence inside during winter or when it is raining.

They will also move their dogs in for the night, so that they are not cold and can not get sick as easily. Breeders will also ensure these dogs are healthy before they are sold and will have their shots updated.

They will also be open to your questions about the breeder and they would more than likely ask you questions to get a better feel of where their puppies will be living.

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