English Bulldog Puppy Information

The English Bulldog Puppy is a sweet and gentle dog filled with skin folds and wrinkles.

These curves highlight their cute faces and slightly covers up their baby fat. They are not as vicious as everyone might think and are quite protective of their owners.

It is important to take them out to social events when they are young so they can get used to strange smells, dogs, and people. They will still be protective if they find a stranger threatening, but the likeliness of them growling while you are present is less common.

They are playful dogs with floppy ears and a short face. Make sure they receive enough attention or they will start to do some bad things to your furniture and other household objects.

The English bulldog puppy was originally bred for bull and bear baiting. This was a very popular sport during the 17th century. Many players would gamble whether or not the dog would be able to kill, and survive, the bull.

The best strategy that these dogs would use to take down a bull was to bite the front of the bull's nose and try to suffocate the animal. This meant that it was completely necessary that they were brave and that they have an extremely strong jaw to help against a struggling bull.

These dogs were also wildly used in dogfights. Breeders needed these dogs to have a good amount of stamina, intelligence, speed, and strength through out these games until it was eventually banned for animal cruelty.

The entire purpose of the BullDog was void after the ban, so many breeders took a different direction for their French Bulldog Puppies.

Through several generations of breeding, they were able to create a Bulldog Breed that was not as violent, intelligence, fast, and strong. They did not need a fighting dog and adopted for a more gentle and friendly dog that would protect the household.

Many owners might not know that the English bulldog puppy is great with children and is overall quite calm with them. They are dogs that will sacrifice their own life to ensure the safety of their owners.

The prefect example of this was when a robber broke and entered into a woman's home and tried to attack her with a butcher knife. The dog reacted quickly and bit the robber's leg to try and prevent his owner from getting hurt.

The male assailant was unable to harm the woman and reacted by trying to stab the dog. When the dog was stabbed the first time, he immediately let go only to jump at the man's arm. The man suffered several bites and needed extreme care before the police could arrest him. The dog needed quite a bit of Dog First Aid but was barely able to survive the attack.

The dog did have a limp in his back leg due to the knife hitting and cutting some important nerves in the hip. However, all in all the woman came out unharmed because of her brave and trusty companion.

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