English Bulldog Information

The English Bulldog is a very compact dog and a slightly smaller version than the American Bulldog , but they are just as loveable as their counterpart.

This specific Bulldog Breed was the original bulldog and the first time the name was uttered was during the 1500s. The reason for the dog having the name 'bull' in it was because this particular animal was used to bait the bulls during sports events.

These dogs were bred to be completely fearless and able to tolerate huge amounts of pain. Aside from baiting bulls, these dogs were favored over any dog in dogfights. However, around the 1835 era, England deemed such an event to be illegal and therefore English Bulldog Puppies were no longer considered useful.

After the ban, many British breeders started to remove some of the important characteristics these dog needed for dogfights. This made them nowhere near as fierce and resistant to pain. In the end, they got an English bulldog that was not as intelligent, strong, fierce, resistant, and fast and kept more of the finer qualities like the breed's look. There were lots of emigrants that needed the English bulldog for when they landed in the new world, so the dog's original characteristics were kept when they left.

They have wide shoulders and their head tends to be about the same level as them. They have a very thick neck to help support their rather large head. They have very big eyes. The wrinkles in the fur are really what add character to this dog.

The folds of skin are present all across the body, but it is most commonly noticed in the dog's face. He has accents in the forehead and all along the eyes and muzzle, making him look like he is either always droopy and tired or alert.

These dogs are actually really easy to get along with. They can not run very fast or else they could pass out because of the lack of oxygen entering into their system. Though, these dogs do need Regular Exercise to help release any built-up energy. They only really require about 30 minutes to an hour walk a day in order to get them calm again.

These dogs usually live about 8 to 12 years old, however a large UK survey said they only live about 6.5 years. The main cause of death was cardiac arrest/heart problems followed by cancer. Through the course of 36 years and a testing of 467 dogs through that time frame, it was found that nearly 74% of these dogs had Dog Hip Dysplasia.

It is best you keep some sort of anti-inflammatory medicine in your Dog First Aid Kit to help reduce any pain before you take him to the vet.

The English Bulldog is proudly used as a symbol throughout England and in certain parts of the UK. The United States Marine Corps has stated that this dog is the official mascot for their facility.

Many universities use the Bulldog as their logo to help represent strength and courage.

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