Work With An Evacuation Buddy
To Save Your Pets' Lives

Arrange for a neighbor to become your evacuation buddy if you have to leave your dog unattended.

This person would take your dog in case an evacuation is called while you're away.

Ensure that your buddy is aware of where your dog and his evacuation kit are located so that no time is wasted getting him to safety.

Along with the kit, provide a letter that authorizes your evacuation buddy to obtain emergency medical treatment for your dog if needed.

Arrange for you to have the same option if you agree to look after your buddy's pets if he or she is away when an evacuation order is given.

If your buddy has a cat or other pet that you're not familiar with, learn about its care and feeding requirements, and have your buddy learn about your dog's requirements.

If you take your dog to dog day care, advise the owners of your wishes, provide them with the emergency treatment authorization letter if you haven't already done so, and ask what their plans are in case of a disaster.

Evacuate Your Pets Together

You might want to consider a buddy system where you and a neighbor or two work together to get all your pets out of the area safely.

You can create evacuation kits together, and practice your evacuations together. Traveling as a group may help you get to safety faster and with fewer incidents along the way.

Rehearse your evacuation so you know what to expect, and get used to the way things will work - you may notice some bugs, or figure out a better way, before the time comes for real.

While You're on Vacation

If you're on vacation when a disaster strikes, you'll want to know that your dog is going to be safe with his sitter.

Go over the details you want covered with your care provider before you leave. Give this person a letter authorizing emergency treatment.

If you're going to be away during the disaster "season," leave your dog's evacuation kit with his sitter, so that everything he needs is there for an immediate dash to safety.

This could be the difference between your dog's safety during a disaster, and his being left behind to face the threat alone.

Make arrangements to keep him safe.

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