Eye Care For Dogs

Eye care for dogs is a highly important part of their physical welfare.

Your dogs eyes

are just as sensitive as a human's and need to be taken care of with the same level of care. Dog eye problems are a frequent concern in vets' offices daily; this is why prevention is the key for healthy eyes in dogs.

Depending on the type of dog you own there are different needs and recommendations to follow, due to the fact that their eyes show shape characteristics and have specific peculiarities.

Your vet can advise the best tips and instructions for your dog’s special needs. We have gathered here some useful ideas, including some simple tips for your dog's eyes to remain healthy.

Whatever breed you own, proper eye care for dogs helps prevent a lot of common eye problems in dogs that these animals may suffer. Experts agree that prevention is the most significant aid owners can give their dogs so as to avoid uncomfortable eye diseases and the expensive treatments that come with them.

Eye care for dogs can start as simply washing their eyes carefully with only water; a good practice is to do this every day as a way of removing any possible infection agents. Dogs get in contact with different substances that may seem harmless, but with time they represent causes of obstruction of the lachrymal and may lead to an eye infection in your dog.

When cleaning your dog’s eye with a clean wipe, make sure to start from the inner corner to the side of the eye. Make sure the towel or wipe is always wet and it’s recommended to keep your nails short when doing this, to avoid scratching the eye. Eye care for dogs becomes even more important in those breeds with eyes that pop out of their faces.

Apply eye drops for dogs regularly to prevent dry eyes in your dog; ask the vet for the best type of drops for your pet.

Some dogs have watery eyes; they seem to have dog eye discharge all the time. In these cases cleanliness is necessary on a daily basis, especially to avoid the common dog eye stains (sometimes called Angels Tears) below their eyes.

Make sure to wipe them frequently and, again, be careful not to scratch their delicate eyes. There are ointments and remedies available in the market to remove these tear spots in dogs, in case your pet already has them and you would like to eliminate them faster.

Daily care for your dog means that you will be checking your dog’s eyes regularly, thus allowing you to pinpoint any irregular signs as soon as they start to come out.

The earlier one of these common diseases is spotted the easier it will be to treat it. It also becomes easier every time you do it, so each time you will gain practice and the dog will get more used to the discipline of eye care.

Remember always that the eye care procedures should be as delicate as possible to avoid creating an even worse condition. Dog first aid is the best gift you can give to your dog, allowing you to watch over their health and welfare.

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