Eye Problems in Dogs Information

The best way to treat eye problems in dogs is with a combination of different techniques.

There's no real preventative cure for every single eye issue that may come up, even though there are a few things that you can do to reduce the risk of some of the more common eye problems in dogs.

Through a combination of natural dog first aid and prescribed medications, most eye infections in dogs are treatable.

In some cases, such as with advanced cataracts, you might have to get eye surgery for your dog. If you can catch most of these diseases and eye infections early though, there's a good chance that you can avoid a costly and extensive procedure like that

The first step to protecting your dog's eyes is recognizing the early warning symptoms of most of the common eye issues.

Some of these are:

The best way to prevent dog eye problems is to start with a healthy, balanced diet.

If you can do it naturally it's always going to be better than pharmaceutical care, but of course you should always visit your veterinarian and talk about the best option so that you don't put your dog's life in danger.

When you buy dog food, look for a brand that uses quality ingredients in their mix.

The cheaper brands often use a lot of byproducts and chemicals to make their food taste better. A good rule of thumb is to look for the most natural ingredients available. A homemade raw food diet is always a good choice health wise, but some people understandably don't have the time to do that for every meal.

At the very least supplement your best dog food with extra ingredients to add essential vitamins and minerals to the mix. In the interests of preventing eye problems in dogs, green vegetables, carrots, sunflower seeds, or parsley are great ideas to add that extra nutrient boost.

If you want to add actual dietary supplements into the mix, look for vitamin A, Zinc, vitamin D, or vitamin C, all of which are very effective at protecting the eyes and eliminating free radicals, which can cause any number of eye infections in dogs.

One of the most common dogs and eye problems that you will see is cataracts. Cataracts affect a wide number of breeds and can occur in dogs of any age. It's very often a genetic problem as well; so if you are purchasing a new pup from a breeder make sure you get a detailed record of the medical history of its parents.

Most breeders should have this and be able to make copies for you. Cataracts are a white film that slowly grows over the eye, reducing night vision at first before ultimately culminating in a loss of vision entirely. Cataracts are usually removed by eye surgery for dogs as long as they are caught before they progress too much.

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