Eye Protection for Dogs Information

Eye protection for dogs is an important thing to be educated about if you've got a pet, or even if you're just thinking about getting one.

As daunting as it may be, once you have a dog, one of your primary responsibilities is making sure it stays happy and healthy. That means reading about all the issues it could potentially face in its life, knowing how to properly monitor its diet, and researching dog first aid treatments in case injuries or illnesses occur.

Fortunately, it's not necessarily as hard as it sounds. After a while it becomes second nature, really. Learning how to do eye care for your dog's eyes will only take away from your stress in the long run, because dealing with serious eye problems in dogs is about a thousand times worse than taking care of the more minor ones.

Unfortunately, dogs and eye problems are very common in canines and other pets. The eye is a very sensitive organ, after all, so it stands to reason that it'd be very vulnerable compared to some other parts of the body.

The structure of the eye is intricate and complex, so injuries don't just heal like they might in other areas. Serious problems that affect your dog's eyes might cause permanent dog eye problems if they aren't taken care of in the right way. Eye protection for dogs is usually a matter of making sure the eye stays free of debris and germs, as well as dealing with vision-threatening problems like cataracts.

The most common dog eye problem dogs experience is an infection. Eye infections in dogs usually aren't huge problems by themselves — they can often be healed with some simple therapy, such as administration of healing eye drops for dogs to soak the tissue of the cornea.

However, the threat comes when they aren't treated in time. Some people make the mistake of allowing minor eye infections to go on because they figure everything will sort itself out. On the contrary, all this does is leave your dog open to more serious complications in the future. You have to learn to recognize the signs of eye infections so you can have the problem stopped as soon as you can.

With dog eye infections, symptoms include profuse dog eye discharge of mucus or pus around the edges of the eye. This fluid is often thick, with a sickly green, gray or yellow color, unlike normal tears, which are clear and healthy for the eye's tissue.

It's important that you don't allow your dog to scratch at an infected eye, because that will only make things worse. Eye infections are usually the result of foreign objects and bacteria entering the eye, so this kind of eye protection for dogs generally just involves watching them carefully to make sure they aren't exposed to hazardous materials.

There are a number of more serious conditions that may affect a dog's eyes. There have been numerous incidents involving the third eyelid slipping out of place, swelling into a red, lump-like mass. If left untreated, this could spell serious issues for the dog in the future.

The best thing to do in order to protect your dog's eyes is to have frequent vet checkups. It never hurts to have your pet examined even if you think the problem isn't serious.

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