by Syonja
(Cedar City, UT)

It was Pioneer Day here in Utah, July 24, when I was unloading the car in the garage with the door open and my 1 1/2 year old little shitzu, Precious, was out helping me, when the people across the street set off some fireworks.

I didn't realize until about a minute later that Precious must have been spooked because she was no where to be found. She must have totally freaked out because she has never taken off like that before.

It was dark out, probably about 8 pm. The neighbors felt terrible and helped us go out searching for her. We searched for hours with flashlights going up and down every street, looking behind houses and bushes. We went out in our cars and never found Precious that night.

Our neighborhood is surrounded on three sides by deserts and farms so the next 2 days we were out walking and driving through these areas and I put up signs everywhere! I was so sad, crying, feeling like a terrible mommy! Precious is the first pup I have ever had and I was devastated.

Then about 45 hours later about 5 in the afternoon, I pretty much had given up, and was sitting down watching TV with my nephew who lives with me, when his cell phone rang. Some guy was riding his bike in the desert on the other side of the highway where he saw Precious with her little id tag.

It had three phone numbers, mine, my daughters, and the bottom one was my nephew's which is the only one he could see because she was too scared to let him too close. He stayed with my pup and finally was able to pick her up and just wait their with her until I arrived!

O my gosh, she was so happy, dirty, tired, scared, hungry! And I was ecstatic and so thankful! It ended up costing me a few hundred dollars at the vet because she was dehydrated and she had fox tails in her ears and between her toes. They had to sedate her to get them out, but Thank God she survived and is home with me!

Lessons learned - always keep an eye on your pup, remember they will always be afraid of fireworks and loud noises so keep them inside, and their ID tags could be a lifesaver! In this case it was!!!

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