First Aid to Dog Bites in 3 Easy Steps

by Alesha Wilson
(Wilmington, NC)

Dogs come in all sizes and shapes. Some families own more than one dog, sometimes even more than three dog breeds, while others choose just one. They are cute and you can even dress them up and teach them new tricks. However, there are some dogs that are aggressive and won’t hesitate to bite you at first glance. In case that happens, make sure that you remember to do the things listed below:

1. Control the bleeding. If it is bleeding heavily, you should apply a tourniquet. If you are the injured person, ask someone to do it for you so that it can be done properly. Before doing this, make sure that you move to a safe place so that the dog won’t be able to bite you again or bite another person. If you stay within the dog’s vicinity, it might be agitated even further.

2. Wash the region with soap and running water. It’s important that you clean the bitten area thoroughly. It may be painful, but you have to tolerate it to make sure that you don’t get any disease from the dog. Rabies is very common in dogs, so make sure that you clean thoroughly.

3. After cleaning the wound, apply ointment on it. This will help reduce the swelling and lessen infections. If you don’t have any ointment around, there are herbal remedies that you could apply. Marigold, tea tree, or aloe vera can help stop bleeding. They also act as natural astringent and their antibacterial properties help protect your wound.

Though these can help stop the dog bite from worsening, it is still important that you let a doctor examine the wound. Don’t think that just because you have cleaned the wound and dressed it with herbs it means that you don’t need medical attention.

Alesha Wilson is a staff writer at, a leading natural health website that supplies Genestra Brands products.

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