Fox Red Labrador Information

The Fox Red Labrador is a normal lab with more of an orange/reddish coat.

In competitions, there are only three official Lab colors: yellow, black, brown also known as a Chocolate Labrador Retriever and the Silver Labrador Retriever.

Because of this, the Red Fox Labrador Retrievers are considered a dark shade of yellow, even though the coloring may be a lot closer too red.

The original color of Labrador Retrievers was actually the dark yellow coloring that's rarely associated with Labs anymore.

Breeders in the early 20th century slowly but steadily lost interest in the darker colored Fox Red Labrador and began breeding for lighter colors. As time went on, more and more people started to look for only the light yellow Labs and the Fox Red color was all but forgotten.

Breeders are still following this example set by their predecessors, and Fox Red Labradors are much more rarely seen than the other shades.

It took two enterprising British breeders to start bringing back the Fox Red Labrador. They were very interested in the darker yellow breeds and decided to try to bring them back into the mainstream.

They owned the grandfather of most modern Red Fox Labradors, Ch Balrion King Frost. Now that's a name you don't see every day! This pup was known for his litters, which were usually comprised of dark yellow Labradors, and one of King Frost's granddaughters gave birth to the famous Ch Wynfaul Tabasco.

He was named because of his bright reddish coat, which looked like bronze glistening in the sun. Tabasco sired several litters and is commonly referred to as the father of the Red Fox Labrador as we know him today. The reason for his popularity was not only his stunning coat but also his incredible ability to perform in competition.

Even though he fathered a lot of Red Foxes, he was the only modern Red Fox to win Show Champion.

Wynfaul Tabasco was bred with the gorgeous Lady Bountiful, another dark yellow beauty, to pop out a litter of nothing but Fox Reds. Lady Bountiful was another descendent of King Frost, and so his legacy continued.

The birth of the all Red Fox litter proved the theory that if you mate a Red Fox Labrador with another Red Fox; the entire litter is going to be the same color. Out of this promising litter, one of the pups was sold to a breeder in the United States called Sally Kelley. His name was Balrion Red Alert.

In the intervening years these Red Fox Labradors have made a huge comeback thanks to the breeding work done by Kelley and her Red Alert, also known for her unique Dog First Aid tactics. Nearly every American Red Fox is a descendant of Red Alert.

The Red Fox Labrador is now a little more prominent in the competition scene, although most breeders still cater towards the more popular light yellow variety.

Owning a Red Fox is a delight as they are extremely intelligent and friendly dogs with a special love for treats. Either way, you can never go wrong with a Labrador Retriever.

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