funds for surgery

by James Gould
(Costa MEsa California)

I have discovered a person and his pet is very very limited on options for surgery if they have little or no money meaning the dog does NOT get the needed surgery...SAD. If anyone has any suggestions on how to help in this arena PLEASE let all of us know.Ways to raise funds or folks that will help with the funds. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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Dec 16, 2012
by: JT

You will find a way, I did with over $3,000 thus far, in vet bills.

Shelter organizations have doctors who volunteer, their is a company that you can apply to for credit that is for vet care, you will find a way. I know of someone who just spent over $10,000 to get her dog well, living pay check to pay check like most of us. She went to that credit card company for pets.

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