A German Shepherd Dog is a Wonderful Canine

The German Shepherd Dog is noted as a very sturdy work animal, used for its strength and unquestioning obedience.

They are often fearless animals willing to do anything to protect their masters. The overall physique of the German shepherd is muscular and strong. Their front legs bear most of their weight while running and their black legs are used to push off the ground for extra speed.

These Dogs are not only notoriously known for their military work but also for their weak hind legs, which is why it is very important to look out for starting signs of weak hips or when your dog's paws start to drag. When this happens it's crucial to have a Dog First Aid plan at hand.

The color of the Dog can vary from pure black to pure white, but typically they are a tan color with black surrounding their backs to the sides of their stomach. Their snorts are usually covered in black, but there is the occasional German Shepherd Dog where their entire head is black.

The dog's ears stand pointy when they want to play or if they see something suspicious moving about, but their ears naturally become floppy or droopy when relaxed and not performing a hard task. Often time’s cosmetic surgery is done on these breeds to prevent ear flopping, or if the dog is young enough its ears are taped to permanently stand up right.

German Shepherd Dogs are very aware of their surroundings and are natural guard dogs. They immediately start barking before a stranger rings the doorbell.


When out walking this particular breed, you quickly notice that there are very few strangers walking up to pet him/her and they are very cautious when approaching you.

The temper of the dog depends on how it was raised and the type of owner it may have. They are naturally protective animals, but do not attack a person unless trained to or feel like their masters are in serious danger.

Having a protective animal in the household with small children is always a concern, but these dogs quickly realize whom their respective masters are and will make sure no harm comes to them.

Depending on the way they were brought up, once they recognize a friend or family member that consistently visits the house they will demand extra attention from said person or quietly sit in the corner to watch them at a distance.

Whatever the purpose of owning a German Shepard, whether it be for protection or just to have a nice companion, Obedience Training is almost a requirement for this type of breed because they are working dogs and they need someone to tell them what to do.

An untrained dog can lead to several problems like jumping on guests, breaking things, or even running away from you when it is time for their walk.

However adorable your German Shepard dog is, just remember he/she is extremely intelligent and will catch on quickly what you allow and do not allow them to do.

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