Do You Have A
German Shepherd Mix

Owning a German Shepherd Mix can be a great way to learn about two completely different breeds and figuring out which traits belong to your dog.

As German Shepherds are pretty popular in today's world, it is no surprise that there are more and more mixed breeds coming to life. Even if the mixed puppies were not planned, it is still beneficial to know where their bloodline comes from. This helps you tailor your Dog First Aid Kit to your needs.

Knowing the background of your dog can help spot potential health problems that are associated with the German Shepherd mix parents. This also helps with how much Regular Exercise your dog might need.

To give some German Shepherd Facts as to how the German Shepherd came to be, a guy named Max von Stephanitz is known to be the very first owner and creator of the German Shepherd.

While living in Germany, he registered the dog breed as Deutscher Schaferhund, which directly translates to 'German Shepherd Dog'. He chose the name because it was directly related to the dog's purpose, being a hard working dog that chased and herded Sheep along with protecting them from any harm while they slept.

During the nineteenth century in Germany, herding dogs were simply referred to as Altdeutsche Schaferhunde, meaning 'Old German Shepherd Dogs'.

During World War I, the direct translation of the dog's name was used in the official breed registry. Many noted that because the breed had the word in it, it would greatly harm the popularity of the dog. The name was changed to Alsatian Wolf dog, various were adopted, but it was not until 2010 that the name officially removed from the breed registry and put back to German Shepherd.

This is why you sometimes see the word Alsatian when searching for German Shepherd Information.

German Shepherd Police Dogs make up a huge percentage of the dogs used in police work and are used largely in rescue missions.

The police force is starting to adopt more and more German Shepherd mix breeds into their K-9 department; these mixes are called Belgian Shepherd Malinois. These dogs are extremely intelligent dogs and, just like their bloodline, very hard workers.

They have a lot of energy and are excellent dogs for detection, police work, search and rescue, sports, and personal protection. The United States Secret Service use these dogs for protection.

The German Shepherd mixed with a Border Collie can be a dangerous combination. As Border Collies have been noted as the smartest out of all breeds and with the German Shepherd coming in a very close second (they are third on the list), you will notice this mix will try and outwit you.

Both these breeds are herding animals and are both very hard working dogs. This means that they need a lot of exercise. The Border Collie is known to wander off and roam for hours on end before returning home if he is not worn out from a heavy exercise.

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