German Shepherd Police Dogs
are Necessary

German Shepherd Police Dogs have been an integral part of police task forces for hundreds of years.

They are quick learners, loyal, and friendly. If you happen to be a criminal though, you better watch out. These Dogs can bite down with 238 pounds of force, enough to stop anyone in their tracks.

As the name suggests, German Shepherd Dogs were originally trained in Germany in the 1800's to herd flocks of sheep.

They are quick, strong, and have a keen sense of smell, making them perfect for the job. These same traits led them to be popular among law enforcement agents for tracking down drugs in the late 1800's and early 1900's.

German shepherd police dogs have worked with law enforcement officers for several hundred years, but it was only in the past century that they came to be specifically trained for such a purpose.

World War 1 saw the first canine training units, and the dogs were subsequently used as both messengers and to guard allied military bases.

These days, the German Shepherd Dog is the most commonly used Dog in the police force.

German Shepherd Puppy Training starts very young so that they can develop a very close bond with their trainer, or handler. They form this bond because canines have evolved with a pack mentality- they will always follow the pack leader. In the case of K-9 units, this is the dog's trainer.

Although they can be very aggressive when let loose against a criminal, the main purpose of a German Shepherd Police Dog are used is for their incredible sense of smell.

They're often seen at airports and border crossings to sniff out drugs and weapons, and also make use of their talents on bomb squads to sniff out potential threats.

German shepherd police dogs have even been used to find bodies on a crime scene. Training a K-9 unit to sniff out a particular scent takes roughly 14 weeks. To begin with, the trainer will let the German shepherd sniff a towel, which he then hides. After the dog begins to understand what is expected of him, they will start to introduce new scents such as drugs or nitrate, a common chemical found in bombs.

Dog First Aid plays a large role in K-9 units due to the relatively dangerous nature of the work.

In fact, there are petitioners in the US who are attempting to establish rules for bulletproof vests for police dogs. These will make the job safer but can potentially be a hindrance unless they provide full range of movement.

The uses for German shepherd police dogs are becoming broader every year, and they can now be found in nearly every police force in the world.

Additionally, they have begun to be placed in prisons both to locate drugs and to simply provide a menacing deterrent to any would-be troublemakers.

A growling fifty-pound dog with a mouthful of sharp teeth is enough to make anyone stop and take notice! The important feature that makes German shepherds so useful for police work though is not their aggression, but their loyalty and keen intelligence.

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