German Shepherd
Puppy Training

When it comes down to German Shepherd Puppy Training, it is essential that you Teach Your Puppy basic obedience while the dog is still young.

A new puppy will learn a lot faster than at any other age and you can quickly break habits before they become a big problem, like the desire to eat your cat or use your house as the toilet.

In fact, now that my pup is all grown up and about five times bigger than the cats, she is still absolutely terrified of going near them.

German Shepherd puppy training is characterized by repetition and consistency. Having dog treats is necessary for getting your short attention-span puppy to obey you.

If the treats are too big then breaking them in half will do the job. You do not need to buy specific dog treats for puppies.

Teaching Your Puppy to sit is quite easy you just tell your puppy a verbal command and then follow it up with a hand motion of your choosing. If your puppy does not sit, then push his/her backside down and force your dog into a sit.

Praise your puppy and repeat until you do not have to manually push her into a sitting position anymore. This takes time and cannot be done in one day.

Practice about an hour or two a day with breaks and play time in between and just keep it up. Once your dog has fully learned the moves, you can stop giving her treats after a couple months.

Once your puppy has learned how to sit, then teach her how to lie down, stay in the position, and to heel using the same basic techniques. You will still have to practice with your dog. If you suddenly stop the daily training sessions your dog will start forgetting the less used commands or start to get lazy and know what it can get away with.

With German Shepherd puppy training you need to remember that as they are still young they will constantly want to play with you and might not have the patience to sit around all day doing the same thing.

Training your puppy needs to have variety. If they did a command perfectly without any interference then they get to play or run around with a Puppy Toy for a couple of minutes.

When they are Puppies they are really perfect for any sort of Training. It is good to have a command for them to get in their kennel/dog cage.

This is extremely useful when there is a disaster going on and you and your family need to get out quickly. Forcing a dog into their kennel during an emergency is never a fun task.

Your German Shepherd puppy can get ticks easily and eat things they are not suppose to, and when they are so tiny it is hard to protect them against deadly animals.

Always remember, puppies constantly get themselves into trouble and can not be watched constantly, so make sure you learn some sort of Dog First Aid to take care of the little accidents your puppy will get into.

Here are some more German Shepherd Training Tips

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