WATCH OUT....The Greyhound Dog Breed Will Steal Your Couch!

Oh dear how the Greyhound dog breed absolutely love to rest!

It may seem ironic that a dog breed that is a natural born racing and hunting dog like the Greyhound spends most of its time resting, but it's true!

These dogs have even been dubbed the “forty-mile-per-hour couch potato” due to their long hours of rest and laziness.

It is your duty as the proud owner of a sleek Greyhound to make sure she is comfortable.

And trust me, if you don't provide a comfortable setting for your Greyhound dog then she will do it herself on your comfortable beds and sofas.

You need to consider that there is very little padding on the body structure and coat of the Greyhound dog breed.

And even fatter ones still do not offer the body cushion needed to be comfortable on hard surfaces like wooden floors or tile.

You must provide him or her with his or her own warm and cozy spot.

Whether it is a specific chair, on top of a certain blanket on the couch, or a snuggly bed within a cage, your Greyhound must be comfortable for its long hours of laziness each day.

If you really want to make your Greyhound comfortable, then get him one of those beanbag chairs or “pappa-san” chair cushions.

They make wonderful beds for Greyhounds.

If you do not want to invest in special bedding for your dog, then expect trouble on your furniture!

And I must warn you; your Greyhound dog breed will battle you (in a positive way) to get as comfortable as possible on your cozy sofas and lazy boy chairs if you do not have a bed for the dog specifically.

Above all, the Greyhound dog will be happier with having his or her own private quarters to rest in. She is used to sleeping and eating in her own cage from her career years as a racer.

As a added value to having her own crate, although your Greyhound dog will not soil it's cage area, you can bet that having her rest inside her own cage area will make housebreaking in the new home much easier.

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