Care for your Greyhounds Eyes

When dealing with your Greyhounds eyes, you do not have the luxury to wait it out to see if the problem gets worse because it usually will and by then more unnecessary damage will have occurred.

At the slightest sign of an eye problem, take your Greyhound to the vet immediately!

On a regular basis, During Your Daily Care for Your Dog, take notice of your Greyhound's eyes and check for redness, itchiness, squinting, or mucus running discharge. It is even recommended to check the pupils and see if they move in reaction to light or if they differ in movement to the other eye.

This could be a sign of a serious ocular or even a neurological problem.

3 Types of eye discharge:

1. A thick mucus discharge typically is an indicator of a major problem and your dog must see a vet immediately.

2. If you see a clear watery discharge in your Greyhounds eyes, then that could be a symptom of allergies, a small object lodged into the eye, or a tear drainage issue.

3. If you discover a LOT of water drainage over the eye and onto the face then it could be the result of a clogged tear drainage duct. A simple test by your veterinarian can pinpoint this problem.

What is Pannus and are Greyhounds susceptible to this eye condition more than other dog breeds?

Pannus is an eye condition that involves the clear outer cornea of the eye. It is typically first discovered as a sort of cloudiness of the cornea, possibly with tears.

Over a period of a few weeks this will progress until a thin web of blood vessels spreads inward toward the center of the cornea.

If you let Pannus progress beyond this point then your Greyhound could be seriously impaired.

Treatment is considered to help by keeping your dog away from ultraviolet light while keeping her indoors most of the time.

And yes, Greyhound's eyes are much more prone to getting Pannus than most other dog types.

More Information about Your Dog's Eyes

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