History of the Greyhounds:
Part 4 of 4

We hope that you have enjoyed our 'crash-course' about the history of Greyhounds so far.

We will wrap up our 4-part series by continuing from the point in history where Elizabeth I, whom was a coursing enthusiast, created the “sport of queens” in which she had the breed as the star race dog.

The sport attracted many contributors, including a man named Lord Orford, whom in the late 1700's set his goals on improving the Greyhound by mixing them with other breeds of dog. Being a devoted fan of coursing himself, the goal was to create faster and more agile dogs from the practice of cross breeding.

Of course he was not always successful. At one point he bred a Greyhound with a Bulldog, which back in those days looked like today's Pit Bull.

Needless to say this mix breed did not fair well on the course and caused ridicule from Lord Orford's competitors.

Because of this contempt he worked hard at breeding mixed breeds for seven entire generations.

Then, ultimately shocking his competitors, Lord Orford used what he considered his best crossbreed and won every course he sported.

It was his hybrid “Czarina” which could not be beat. It can be said that every current day Grayhound may very well stem from this mix of Bulldog and Greahound of the past.

Speaking of today's Grayhound, America was introduced to the dog breed when the Spanish brought them during their expeditions in the early 1500s.

When the European explorers would travel cross-country, it was quite common to be accompanied by a Grayhound dog for the entire trip.

The Grayhound breed really became a massive dog population when the settlers started to set up home and farm in the Midwest.

Jackrabbits overran crops that were grown and the best solution at the time was to bring Grayhounds from Europe as 'vermin control'.

And naturally, the speed and agility of the dog brought about the sport of coursing here in American as well.

A popular pastime for the settlers was to watch the coursing of jackrabbits, coyotes, and other animals by the fast Grayhounds.

Did you know that General Custer owned a large amount of them, as well as Teddy Roosevelt.

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greyhounds part 4 to the history of the breed

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