Hava and her need to live a happy long life.

by Mary J. F. Wilson/
(Union Grove AL Marshall County)

My mother dog Sugar who was a German Shepard got sick in a very short time frame. I got her to the vet's and they told me she most likely had an adrenal gland disease.

I did not have the money to fix nor did I know what to do for her without treatment. She was very sick so I had her sent to Heaven so she did not suffer any longer.

Then I saw that her daughter Hava was getting sick. I got on the computer and looked things up. Because Hava was younger and had not given birth to any puppies I was able to help her out more.

I have her on L Tyrosine, Fish Oil, Milk Thistle, Ginger Root, Vitamin A, Vitamin B 12 and a multi vitamin. She is doing so much better.

Vitamins are not just for humans they are for animals also. Animals can get most of the same illnesses as humans and if we look at what can help us out then we can try it to see if it helps are pets who we love as our children.

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