Dog Hematoma Information

Hematoma is an accumulation of blood within the layers of skin or layers of cartilage.

These blood blisters usually appear in the ear, but it can also appear around their body. Dogs with large or floppy ears are more likely to be affected than their straight ear counterparts. Also, dogs that have a tendency to run into things are likely to get these swelled up bumps.

Dogs with floppy ears or even hair in your dogs ears have a higher chance of getting an infection than pointy ear dogs.

This is because floppy ear dogs do not easily allow fresh air to flow and touch the ear canal. When this happens, a lot of moisture builds up inside the ear and infection start to occur.

When hematoma is present it is commonly found with an infected ear. The infection doesn't cause this itself, but it is the dog that scratches his ear and shakes his head to try and relive the itchiness inside that causes it.

If the infection goes unnoticed for long periods of time, the dog's scratching becomes more violent. This in turns makes blood vessels swell and leak fluids, when this happens, it is considered to be hematoma. The ear can turn red and puffy. It can be so extensive that the inner ear structure can be penetrated with blood.

This would affect the ear cartilage in the area. If the cartilage is affected, then the ear can become deformed and turned into a cauliflower. The only way to restore the ear back to its normal state is through plastic surgery.

In extreme cases, when cartilage is broken several times, the ear will swell and swell to the point of closing the ear canal. When it gets this bad, it is considered animal abuse and neglect as even a blind man could see how big and deformed the ear is.

The ear at this point would have to be severed or cleaned before it completely blocks the ear canal. If it does block the ear canal, the canal must be removed entirely.

It does not hurt your dog, but it is rather annoying. It appears when there is large trauma to an area. So if your dog ran into an object really hard, it will probably appear. Depending on the circumstances, the accumulation of blood in the skin will dry up.

In cases with the ear, the blood does not necessarily need to be drained. In cases relating to the body, the best dog first aid is to drain it. You should not drain it yourself or at home. You have a higher likeliness of giving your dog an infection if you do.

Also, anytime you see a bump on your dog that does not a have a wound hole to it, he should make an appointment with your vet.

Bumps in general do not simply occur unless there is something wrong. Bumps can indicate Hematoma or even cancer. This is why draining it yourself can be extremely dangerous and could end up hurting your dog. Always get the experts involved, even though this condition is not immediately life threatening.

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