History of the Greyhound Dog: Part 1 of 4

The history of the Greyhound dog starts with the bloodline of this sleek and beautiful breed of dogs and dates far back in mankind's history.

In fact, Greek historians during the years 100 A.D. used to write about how Greyhounds were proudly owned by true sportsmen, whom would race their dogs with hares, while most other dogs were used to hunt them.

Yet the history of the Greyhound dog’s roots is known to reach further beyond this point in history.

There was a time when the dog was unleashed to provide meat for the survival of humans by chasing after fleeing flocks of game in the lands of North Africa and Arabia.

Greyhounds were trained to bring this meat back to people for all to share in eating, including the dogs.

And since chasing prey for mankind's survival was the main use of the Greyhounds, breeding them produced yet faster and faster dogs.

Did you know that the history of the Greyhound dog shows it was used as design on ancient tomb drawings?

In fact, dogs of the Greyhound form were depicted on the tombs of Ancient Pharaohs over 3,800 years ago.

The beauty of the Greyhound, one of four things “comely in going” was recorded by Solomon in Proverbs (30: 29-31).

The value and use of the Greyhound back in those days was so vital, that they were rarely sold.

On occasion the dog would be given as gifts to visitors that ranked high of important social levels.

The Persian Greyhound, also called the “Saluki”, was presented to caravan traders in which through them found they’re way to the rest of the world.

Eventually, this breed of Greyhound found its way to Babylon, Afghanistan, Russia, Greece, Rome, and Britain.

Because of the different climates and terrain, the history of the Greyhound dog then bred into different sub-types.

For example, in colder climates the think skinned Greyhound were bred with other native breeds to obtain a thicker coat.

This produced dogs that still had the ability to hunt at fast speed in the wintertime.

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