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Starting to make your own home cooked dog food is a great and healthy way to control what your dog eats.

Owners who have started making their own dog food have found a dramatic increase in their dog's coat, energy, and notice that they are overall healthier. People tend to start making their own dog food usually because their dog is either sick or has a serious allergy.

A lot of the processed Dog Food that you buy in the stores contains wheat and other grains that dogs might have a hard time digesting. In nature, dogs will rarely come across grains and eat them, which is probably why many dogs have bad allergic reactions to them. Wheat is often used because it is cheap and it will fill the dog up faster. It is not uncommon for dogs to also be allergic to certain meats like chick and beef either.

Even if you're dog is not allergic to any of the normal dog foods out there, home cooked dog food is a great way to help them live a healthier and longer life. Many dog trainers and handlers feed their dogs with home made food because athletic dogs need the necessary protein to keep up with the physical demands. Specializing a diet is something that many of the store dog food brands can not provide.

Preparing home cooked dog food is extremely easy. It might take awhile for you to figure out the right amount of meat and vegetables you need to buy for a week or two, but once you get them down feeding your dog will just be like feeding them kibble. Feeding your dog a variety of different food will ensure that he gets enough nutrition in his body and will not be malnourished. If your dog is not allergic to grains, you can include brown rice in their diet. Steaming or boiling vegetables works well and spending a day cooking all the meat and freezing it can be great alternative for people who are short on time.

Before you start feeding your dog vegetables and other fruits, it is important to read about Toxic Foods to dogs. Dogs do not process food the same way we do and there are certain chemicals they simply can not process and that will end up poisoning them. It is good to have a list of bad food items pasted on the fridge so you can always use it as a reference guild when preparing home cooked dog food.

You might also want to consider owning a Dog First Aid Kit just in case your dog eats something he is not suppose to. Having an emergency vet number on the fridge is also a great back up plan for when you ever need to call for help. Dogs who eat small amounts of Dog Poisonous foods will probably be okay, but if they find a stash of bad food and eat the entire bag, then it should be cause for worry.

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