Home Remedies for Fleas and Constipation in Dogs

by Alesha Wilson
(Wilmington, NC)

Pets like dogs can be difficult to handle when they’re sick, especially if they feel pain or discomfort. Most dog owners would bring their dogs to the veterinarian immediately, which is recommended. But there are times when a trip to the vet is not possible at the moment, like when you live in an area that’s a few miles away from the nearest pet hospital. Sometimes, you simply need to give your pet something or do something while you’re in the car going to the vet. Minor ailments of pets are often treated with remedies from around the house. While professional help is still the best, here are some first aid measures you can do to help your pet.


Fleas are annoying to anyone, especially for dogs. Moreover, these fleas may be vectors of diseases that in turn threaten your dog’s health. One good remedy for fleas is garlic. Crush the garlic and add them to your pet’s food sparingly. The dog may emit a scent that is repellent for fleas. Some pet owners boil the garlic and add the water with the garlic extract to the dog’s bath water.

Besides garlic, some plant oils are also natural flea repellents. For example, the oils of peppermint, rosemary, white cedar, eucalyptus and citronella are great for this purpose. You can create a concoction of these oils, with rosemary and citronella oils as the main ingredients. Combine half a cup of rosemary oil and one-fourth cup of citronella oil. Sprinkle two tablespoons each of peppermint, white cedar and eucalyptus oils to this rosemary-citronella concoction.

This oil can be applied to an elongated cloth or rope, which will be tied around the neck of your dog. For best results, the fabric needs to be fully soaked into the mixture, which means a few hours of soaking. Let the cloth or rope dry before using the homemade flea collar. The pungent smell of the combined plant oils may be too strong for your dog if you don’t dry the fabric well before using.


You know your dog is constipated if he or she hasn’t defecated in several days. The home remedy for constipated dogs is similar to that used to ease constipation in cats. Boil several cubes of pumpkin in water and mash the pumpkin into the water. Give this to your pet as a substitute for his regular food at least once a day. If your pet won’t eat it, give him half of the mixture and half of his regular food. For your convenience, you can use canned pumpkin juice or puree. This can be mixed in with your pet’s regular food.

Milk is an alternative if your pet really wouldn’t eat your pumpkin decoction no matter what you do. Half a cup of milk per day would suffice. Never over-treat constipation. As long as the dog starts defecating regularly again, stop the treatment.

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