Home Remedy for Kennel Cough

Finding a home remedy for kennel cough isn't nearly as difficult as you might think.

Most vets will recommend using a prescription or over the counter pharmaceutical medicine to treat the respiratory infection, but there are plenty of ways you can provide your own symptom relief using simple items from your dog first aid kit or even from your kitchen.

Vets will usually recommend using some sort of cough suppressant, and while that will be effective at making your dog stop coughing, it really does so by suppressing the mucus production.

When you or an animal gets a respiratory infection like kennel cough, the body produces mucus as a line of defense against the virus.

You expel this virus-laden mucus by coughing or sneezing, thereby getting it out of your system.

If you suppress the mucus production, there won't be as many noticeable symptoms but the virus will stick around for longer. After awhile, kennel cough can easily develop into something more serious, such as pneumonia, and you definitely don't want that to happen.

The other alternative is using an effective home remedy for kennel cough that focuses more on boosting your dog's immune system so that he can more effectively fight the virus on his own.

There's nothing wrong with bringing up the option of using a holistic remedy with your vet, although some will be more open minded than others.

At the very least your vet might concede that there's no harm in trying out a home remedy for kennel cough, especially since most of them have absolutely no side effects.

The one time you may see an undesirable effect with a home remedy is if you use the garlic cure on a dog that is allergic to garlic.

Contrary to popular belief, garlic is not toxic to healthy dogs, only affecting dogs with a garlic allergy.

You can easily get an allergy test performed on your dog, and it's probably a good idea to do that anyway, since you can never be sure that your dog isn't already allergic to something in his food, such as wheat gluten, which is a common allergy among dogs.

So what's this thing about a garlic cure? Garlic is a strong antiviral and antibiotic, and provides an immense boost to the immune system.

Your dog probably won't like the taste of straight garlic, which you can get around by using odorless garlic capsules. Just put the capsules in his dog food and he probably won't even notice them. One a day for a week is usually enough to stop kennel cough completely.

Alternatively, you can use vitamin C supplements as a preventative measure.

Most commercial dog foods are relatively lacking in proper vitamins, so a few extra vitamins on the side is always a good idea. You can get a multivitamin that's specifically formulated for dogs, or you can use a normal chewable vitamin C pill from your pharmacy.

Whatever home remedy you use to help your dog get over kennel cough, make sure he's got access to plenty of clean, fresh water.  Clean out his water bowl, and change the water at least daily. Dogs will drink water to help their systems flush out a disease, and it doesn't even need to be treated with something tasty.

The best thing about using a home remedy for kennel cough is that you allow your dog's body to fight the infection naturally.

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