Home Training Your Greyhound Guidelines

1. Do not use punishment when home training your Greyhound dog.

Such negative training protocols are not only cruel but will also hold your dog back from being trained at high levels of esteem and obedience.

Such home training your greyhound dog tactics of 'punishment' include choking, shaking, or hanging.

You should respect your Greyhounds like you would a family member.

2. Refrain from making your Greyhound pay for his or her mistake repeatedly throughout the day.

In other words, correct the dog and then be done with it. If you have the mindset of thinking that you should make your dog remember a 'correction' by repeating the punishment over and over all day then you are making a huge mistake.

Yes, when home training your Greyhound dog he WILL remember something, just not what you are aiming at.

Instead of the dog remembering what he did wrong and to not make the same mistake again, all your dog will remember is how upset you were throughout the day with no association to his actions.

3. Do not take shortcuts just to get your dog to stop a certain action.

You will get what you pay for.

Dogs will repeat certain actions based on what they get out of it regardless if you intend it or not.

For example, when you are home training your Grey hound dog and he is crying to get out of the crate or cage, and you let him out just to stop the crying, then you will be stuck with a dog that will purposefully whine when you cage him, in order to get you to let him out.

4. When you talk to your Greyhound, say what you mean. When home training your Greyhound dog remember they are extremely smart and will take commands literally.

Do not confuse them.

For example if you have trained your dog to lie down using the “DOWN” command, then do not say the same thing if your dog is mistakenly up on the couch and laying down.

He will already be “DOWN” in his mind so by getting upset at him you are only creating aggression.

5. Trade places with your dog's mind. Try to think like a dog.

Unlike people, dogs revel in the present and when they are getting punished their only thought is that it is because of their current behavior.

Take this advice and use it when you discover a mess that he created.

You cannot go into the next room and scold your sleeping dog, you MUST drag him (not forcibly) to the mess and then scold him.

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