How I almost poisoned my little dog with an everyday food.

by Jeanie Smith
(Ocala, Florida)

Abby at 1 year

Abby at 1 year

I was making a carrot salad and reached down and feed her some raisins, she loved them.

I thought "this is great, I should get a box to use as treats".

All of a sudden I remembered a friend that told us that their dog died from eating grapes (grapes = raisins).

I googled "are raisins toxic to dogs" and the answer was YES!

I called the vet right away, we took her in and he induced her to vomit.

We figured I had feed her about 7 raisins. She weighs 8 lbs.

The vet said the raisins would have probably killed her and if we had not known about this and waited for systems, he would not have been able to save her.

I've been telling everyone about this in hopes of saving someone's dog.

I suggest that everyone google (foods toxic to dogs),(foods toxic to dogs), they will be surprised what will either kill them or at the least make them sick.

Abby's story

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