How to be a Better Dog Owner

by Alesha Wilson
(Wilmington, NC)

You and your dog have probably been through a lot. Even if the dog has only been with you
for a while, every day is a new challenge that both of you will have to face. There are good,
fun times, when you and your dog run around and go to bed exhausted but happy. And
then there are bad days when one of you is sick and the other feels restless and worried. It
would be nice if you could prevent your dog from getting sick. When it comes to your dog’s
health condition, here are some pointers to help you:

1. Be careful what you give your dog. The food that goes into your dog’s body will come
from you. This food has to be clean and safe and shouldn’t contain anything that can
harm your pet in any way. For example, avoid feeding your Dog Poisons that contain
chocolates or onions. Chicken bones, which are brittle and could puncture the dog’s
organs, should also be avoided.
2. Be careful where you take your dog. Dog owners usually take their pet out for a walk
or some trips. The dog likes these, but it would be better if they didn’t catch any
sickness from such activities. You can prevent that by making sure that the places
you visit are clean. Avoid places where garbage is everywhere.
3. Beware of other dogs. There are some sicknesses that can be passed from one dog
to another. Who knows what other dogs can pass on to yours? If there are some
dogs in the neighborhood or in the park that look dirty and unkempt, don’t hesitate
to keep your dog away from them.
4. Always Visit Your Veterinarian. You will spend a lot of important times
with the veterinarian. The doctor will be the one to administer important vaccines
and shots to keep your dog healthy. The vet will also tell you to bring the dog back
for checkups to make sure that everything is fine. In between these visits, you can
still update the vet if there are any fluctuations in the pet’s health. For example, if
the pet’s stool changed in consistency, tell the vet about it immediately. Even if the
dog turns up healthy, the vet would want to know about these things.
5. Trust your instinct. When it comes to your dog, nobody knows it better than you do.
Most of the time when you think that there is something wrong with your dog, you
are probably right. So don’t hesitate to call the veterinarian if you are concerned that
there’s something wrong. Your dog would surely appreciate it if you can keep it from
feeling a lot of pain.

With the tips listed above, you will become a wiser dog owner. However, there will still be
some cases when your dog will become unwell. During these situations, you have to act
quickly, administer the necessary Dog First Aid treatments, and call the veterinarian as soon as

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