How to Groom a Pekingese Dog

Learning How to Groom a Pekingese Dog is an important part of your pet’s regimen of care.

My Pekingese, like most, has a double-layered long coat. These luxuriously soft layers consist of an undercoat that is dense like a pillow. I simply groom my small Pekingese twice a week with full grooming about every four to six weeks.

Grooming the Pekingese Dog is a rather easy task with the proper equipment. In the following, I have made a few suggestions on grooming your little canine.

  • The Pekingese Breed sheds excessive amounts of undercoat hair. In order to maintain a well-kept appearance, you should use a metal comb and slicker brush to remove this hair. It has been my experience that the hindquarters of my little Pekingese become tangled and need extra attention as well. Female Pekingese will shed a great deal of their undercoat when in heat.
  • Use a damp, soft cloth to wash around your Dogs Eyes and face of your Pekingese. Dog Eye Stains of facial hairs is often common. You can simply snip these hairs with scissors. If your canine’s face tends to be rather moist, you may lightly apply powder to solve the issue.
  • There are many excellent dry shampoos available in pet supply stores. You may want to dry shampoo your pet often.
  • While grooming, always check your Pekingese’ feet for any foreign objects that may have become lodged. These are often sources of infection and illness for these small dogs.
  • After bathing or dry shampooing, you should thoroughly brush Your Dogs Coat. To give the coat volume, use brushstrokes in an upward direction. Part the tail neatly and it will fall naturally into place.
  • For trimming of hair on the dog’s stomach, you should use a number ten blade. Pads of the feet can be trimmed with a number fifteen blade. Exercise extreme caution when using any type of blade to avoid cutting your Pekingese.

Begin grooming your Pekingese early. Pekingese learn socialization skills at a young age and will be better behaved during grooming if it is started earlier.

A constant routine of grooming will keep your pet looking its best. Grooming is easily performed when it is regularly given. Unkempt dogs tend to be unhealthy and suffer more disease than those that are well cared for.

If for one reason or another, you find that you are unable to learn how to groom a Pekingese, there are many well-trained and qualified pet groomers.

Prices vary depending upon location and the amount of grooming that is required. Your vet should be able to recommend someone to help you in grooming your pet.

I taught myself how to groom a Pekingese and he seems to enjoy the event. This is a routine I have practiced with him since bringing him into my home.

He tends to be soothed by the water of bathing and following grooming often goes off to sleep.

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