Some Hunting Beagles

Training hunting beagles is a pretty easy task, especially compared to the stubborn nature of some of the other popular hunting hounds out there.

Beagles are smart and eager to please, an excellent combination when it comes to training of any kind. They have been bred over centuries specifically for the purposes of hunting, and as such they're natural born hunters that will take to the task like a fish in water.

Beagle Dogs really don't even need a lot of specific training to start hunting. As I just mentioned, it's in their blood; you only need to give your Beagle the opportunity to go after a rabbit and a few words of encouragement for a job well done.

That's because beagles actually like hunting. For them it's not even work; it's playtime. For starters, beagles are born runners. They may have a short stature, but that only makes it easier for them to get through tough undergrowth. Nothing causes a problem that can't be fixed for a beagle on a scent.

As a trainer for hunting beagles, your job is to present the opportunity for a hunt and then allow your beagle to take over and sniff out the prey. You need to have a small Dog First Aid Kit with you to take care of any scratches from brambles and thorns, and you need to be the person to call the dog off if a hunt goes on for too long.

For hunting beagles, the hunt is a full frontal attack on the prey, and as such it's pretty easy to start getting into bad habits. Once these habits are ingrained in your Beagle Behavior it's going to be really hard to get rid of them.

The most important step in the Beagle Training process is how you start. A lot of trainers Training Beagles like to use rabbit scented dummies or tame rabbits to train their dog to find the scent, but one of the best ways is really just to take your dog out and let him go after wild rabbits from the beginning.

One mistake that trainers also make is helping their dog jump their first few rabbits. This teaches the dog early on that he has help to rely on during the hunt. By not doing this you're forcing the dog to figure out situations on his own and fix any issues without your guidance.

Another popular Training A Beagle technique is that of putting a new beagle pup in with the rest of the pack and just letting him learn the ropes by watching what the other dogs do.

This is beneficial, but at the same time it can backfire. When the dog trains only as part of a pack, he starts to rely on them to get the job done, just as he would do if you were helping him out. Hunting beagles should best be started on their own so that they can develop the senses to hunt solo as well as in a group of other dogs.

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