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There are a lot of dogs out there that are good hunting companions, but Hunting Labradors are the most commonly used for a lot of different reasons, including the fact that they were pretty much trained from the origin of their species for that very purpose.

Going wild game hunting without a dog just isn't as much fun, and most serious hunters recognize the value of an eager four-legged hunting partner.

If you Train your Labrador Retriever correctly he will be not only an excellent hunting assistant but also a loyal friend who will stay with you until the end.

If you want to make the most of your hunting trips, use these steps to Train your Labrador into the hunting machine you need him to be. This method also works with other dog breeds as well.

The first step in training your hunting dog is choosing what breed you want to use, but if you're reading this you've probably already settled on a Labrador Retriever as your partner of choice.

If you haven't, figure out what dog would suit you best consider the living conditions that he will be staying in. Some breeds love to stretch their legs a lot and run constantly, while others prefer to sort of stay in one place, for the most part.

Think about your own home and the type of hunting that you will be doing before deciding which breed of dog to work with. For this article, we will be talking specifically about hunting Labradors from now on.

The next step is to introduce your hunting Labradors to water. You should be training your dog as a puppy, and some Labrador Puppies are fearful of water at first because they don't really understand what it is.

Let your pup play in a small kiddie pool at first so that he gets used to the idea of being wet, and then introduce him to a larger pool or a pond where he can actually go Swimming around and enjoy himself.

Play with him in the water so that he learns to recognize water as a fun, enjoyable place. There has never been any quality hunting Labradors that were afraid of water. Puppies are playful, but they can also get into a lot of trouble at a young age, so be sure you know some Dog First Aid in case anything dangerous happens.

Next, teach your pup the basic obedience commands. No matter what you're training your hunting Labradors for, these will always come into play. After he understands the rudimentary commands, start to introduce him to commands specific to hunting, as well as wild duck scents so that he gets a feel for what to look for.

Place a decoy and a dummy bird with duck scent a few hundred yards away from the dog and then let him find the dummy. It's extremely important for your Labrador Retriever to know how to differentiate between a dummy and decoy, or a real fowl and a decoy for that matter.

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Hunting Labradors to Labrador Retriever Information

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