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Irish Jack Russells

Have you heard about Irish Jack Russells?

You might have heard about different Jack Russell Terrier combination's or mixed breeds and you might wonder what the difference is; well this article will give you a bit more insight on the topic.

Before you know it, you will be acquiring your own Irish Jack Russell Terrier or a Jack Russell Mix.

The main thing that distinguishes Irish Jack Russells is the fact that they are bred to have a different appearance and temperament. These canines are known for the fact that they have shorter legs then the average Jack Russell Terrier and they are a bit calmer and collected.

The aim of the breeders was to erase the hunting element most Jack Russell Terriers have. That instinct is what makes them so curious, adventurous and excited.

You will find that most normal Jack Russells are on edge the whole time, expecting something to happen. This is because of their hunting history. With the Irish Jack Russells the breeders focused on eliminating that hunting aspect.

When you are gaining information About Jack Russell Terriers you will find that although they look very much alike to the normal person, their personalities differ.

The Irish Jack Russell is more of a companion dog. If you are really excited about getting this breed but you have a small children and a small yard then the Irish Jack Russells is the one to get.

The thing about this breed is that they are more relaxed and comfortable in smaller spaces. It is not that they need less Regular Exercise, but they adapt easily to the space that they do have.

If you live in an apartment it would not be ideal to own a normal Jack Russell Terrier, but when you have an Irish Jack Russell, they will do just fine in your apartment.

Jack Russell Terrier Training is very easy if started at a young age.

When it comes to physical appearance the Coat of the Jack Russell will be different in the sense that some of them might be entirely black or brown and some will have combination colors, but with more variety. The main difference when it comes to appearance is the shorter legs.

There are some disadvantages regarding the Irish Jack Russell, but this will all be according to what you are looking for in a dog. They are not known as being show dogs or Racing dogs, because of the fact that the hunting part was eliminated.

They are also not recognized as a breed by itself, and therefore they do not have certain standards. If trained well they will be able to do tricks and all, but they are mostly bred as being a companion dog, less energetic and a great family dog. Now you know a lot more about this breed.

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Irish Jack Russells to Jack Ressell Terrier

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