Do You Have a
Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix?

The Jack Russell Chihuahua Mix is a breed that proves that dynamite comes in small packages.

Because of mixing or breeding with different types of dogs, there is a great variety of dogs you can adopt or buy, all with their own unique habits and personalities.

Some potential owners are strict when it comes to the fact that the canine that they want to buy or adopt must be a purebred. This is understandable when it comes to breeding and they would like to breed with a certain type of dog.

When a purebred dog is mixed with a purebred dog from a different breed, these puppies are called mongrels and if the parents of the puppies are both mongrels the offspring are called mutts.

This does not mean that the dog is less special; it is just more unique when it comes to traits and characteristics. Through mixing and breeding you might end up with the combination you have always dreamed of.

You might like the color and Rough Coat Jack Russell, but the size of Chihuahua.

The Jack Russell Chihuahua mix is not something so rare, since it has already been given a few names.

These names include, Jack chi, Jackhuahua and even Jackahuahua. These dogs are beautiful and they are very loyal pets.

Since the mixture of these two dogs is a mixture of purebreds, these mongrels will have characteristics consisting of 50% Jack Russell Terrier and 50% Chihuahua. Certainly some traits might be stronger in the DNA than others, but there are common characteristics when it comes to the Jack Russell Chihuahua mix.

This marvelous mixture of mongrels will be between 6-8 pounds when they are fully grown. When it comes to the build, the mixture tends to get their body from the Jack Russell, which makes them, lean and well built and great for stamina.

One of the best parts of this mixture is the facial features. This Jack chi breed will have a triangular face with the big lively eyes of the Chihuahua and the straight or slightly folded ears of the Jack Russell Terrier

I am not sure if everybody knows this, but the color of the nose is the same color of the coat. The Jack Russell Chihuahua mix has short hair which means that they are very easy to maintain.

When it comes to the personality of this mixed breed you will also find that it is a great combination. This Jack chi will be a happy go lucky affectionate dog full of energy. They will be independent as well as a great companion. A trait that both these dogs have is their extreme loyalty towards their Pack Leader or master.

Chihuahua’s tend to be attached to a single person and might seem not too interested towards other dogs. But this Jack chi combination will ensure that the dog stays alert, and overall they are very low maintenance and loads of fun.

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