Do You Have A
Jack Russell Mix?

Today you can find almost any type of Jack Russell mix.

Some might look very funny and others might seem very charming. At first I thought our eldest Jack Russell was a purebred but soon realized that she has a lot of Dutch hound traits in her. She is not as energetic and focused on hunting and chasing as the rest.

These days you do not only have the option to choose between types of dogs, you can now combine the dogs and the traits and characteristics as well as the features that you like. It seems almost strange to hear of something like a Jack Russell Terrier and a Bulldog, but even this can be done.

When it comes to breeding the Jack Russell Mix they will have some traits of the Jack Russell Terrier and some of the other dog, sometimes they might look like the one but act like the other. You cannot predict how the cross will turn out, and sometimes you will only realize later what traits are more dominant.

A Jack Russell Maltese Mix might be all white with a long coat or even have some tan spots. It will depend on if the mongrel inherits the gene that is responsible for the spots on the Jack Russell Terrier.

Within this Breed, the dog will be calmer than your standard purebred Jack Russell, and they will be more comfortable on your lap than in the woods.

Another interesting Jack Russel Mix is the Jack Russel Australian Shepherd mix. These dogs are quite different to each other and will make for a unique mix.

The Australian Shepherd is a herding dog, which is quite different from the independent tendencies Jack Russell Terries might have.

Australian Shepherds are easy to train and get along well with other animals. Since the Australian Shepherd relies solely on the commands given from its owner, the combination with the Jack Russell will ensure that they are easily trainable.

It would be easier to train a Jack Russell mixed with an Australian Shepherd than Training a purebred Jack Russell Terrier.

A Jack Russell Dalmatian mix will be a dog of medium size. This Jack Russell Terrier Mix will have a big hunting instinct and they will be very good guard dogs.

This combination will be ideal when it comes to pest control. They are curious and thorough when it comes to searching and they also have high energy. These dogs will definitely need a lot of Regular Exercise and will not be suitable for an apartment.

Have you thought about getting a Jack Russell Pug?

These are only a few of the options when it comes to Jack Russell mixing and crossing. As a breeder you should have a lot of knowledge about different breeds when you are thinking about crossing them.

The idea is to still have practical dogs with combined positive traits that might suit an individual. Keep the size and personalities in mind when it comes to this Mix.

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