About Jack Russell Pugs

Did you know that Jack Russell Pugs are also called Jugs?

These little canines are a mixture between a Jack Russell Terriers and Pugs.

They are not purebred and the puppies of this combination are called mongrels if the parents were both purebred and mutts with the parents were also mongrels.

If you are buying or Adopting a Jack Russell Terrier Pug then it is a good idea to get Information about both the Pug and Jack Russell Terrier breed so that you could figure out the possible characteristics of your new Jug pup.

To care properly for your Jack Russell Pug you should make sure that they are in a social environment; they should be Trained as well as played with. All these factors are important when you want your Jug to grow up as a confident and disciplined adult dog.

When it comes to the Jack Russell Mix with Pugs there are certain characteristics and features you can expect.

It is obvious that the combination will not be half and half. Some Jack Russell Terrier Pugs might have the face of a pug and the body of a Jack Russell. Other might have the colour of a pug and face of a Jack Russell. You will only be able to tell these features apart when your puppy grows older.

When it comes to the size of your Jack Russell Pug you should be very careful. Pugs tend to overeat and become obese. Since the average size of a Jack Russell is between 14 and 18 pounds and a pug’s size is between 13 and 20 pounds there is a high probability that you Jug will reach the size of 20 pounds and still go over that.

That is why it is important to this breed Regular Exercise.

This mix of dogs are able to get the health problems from both breeds. Some Jack Russell Terrier Health Problems are Eye Infection and have problems with their hips and kneecaps. Pugs are known to have problems regarding allergies and skin infection and they could also get inflammation on the brain.

People tend to have a misconception of the status of the Jug. Jack Russell Terrier Pugs are not a registered breed, and breeders sometimes take advantage of a misinformed buyer and sell this Jack Russell cross to them as a ‘designer dog’.

This breed are a combination of two great dogs that will be very loyal and energetic. The legitimacy of the breed should not have to play a role when it comes to adoption or just owning a friendly family dog.

This Jack Russell mix will be a great companion, will have lots of stamina and with a witty personality. Since both these breeds are very affectionate and loving, they are ideal for your family.

Be sure to offer them a lot of space to play and get yourself clued up on Dog First Aid so that you will be able to handle any tough situation.

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