Caring for Jack Russell Pups

Caring for Jack Russell pups can be a great responsibility.

I can still remember my dad giving me loads of instructions and tips when we got our first Jack Russell. I was so overwhelmed with excitement that I only focused on half of it. I just wanted to hold my cute new pet.

I guess that is why my dad ended up being the Alpha Dog and Pack Leader of our Jack Russell Terrier. He was prepared and informed about everything regarding Jack Russell pups.

When it comes to your preparations the first thing you should buy is a crate or cage for your Puppy. They need something comfortable that is theirs so that they will start getting the feeling of protecting their territory.

When you are taking your pups home be sure to transport them in a cage or even just a cardboard box lined with newspapers. Jack Russells tend to get sick when it comes to traveling in a car, but this is not always the case.

The first thing you have to do when it comes to training, is to start potty training them. If you teach your jack Russell pup discipline from a young age, they will be very loyal and submissive.

Do not be too hard on them when it comes to potty training, it may take up to six months for them to fully grasp the training and do what they have to without mistakes. It is all about the scent, so make sure to clean the areas where they made the mistakes so that the scent will not lead them to the same place again.

These pups are very adventurous and they love exploring. Take time to supervise your Puppies while they explore the house, surroundings, other people or even other animals and Dogs.

When you are caring for Jack Russell Terrier pups feeding them the right food is very important. At this critical age they need loads of protein, so do not go for the watered down type of Dog Food.

Before your Jack Russell puppies are 3 months old you should feed them about four times a days. As soon as they turn three months you can start reducing the mealtimes to three times a day. You should always have a bowl of fresh water that is easily accessible for your pups. It is your choice where you want to have it placed, but next to the food bowl is the easiest for your pup to access it and remember where to go when thirsty.

Make sure you learn some Dog First Aid and get a good Dog First Aid Kit because you never know when something will happen. These are the basics, I am sure you will be a great Jack Russell Owner.

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