Information About Jack Russell Racing Dogs

Have you ever considered a Jack Russell Racing Dog?

If you look down at your little Jack Russell Terrier, you will see a certain spark in their eyes.

A certain look of wonder when you are moving towards him or her leash. And then, the world of excitement when they realize they are going for a walk.

Jack Russells are known to be hunting dogs. They love running and especially chasing small animals.

There is a degree of competitiveness in these dogs and the fact is they are highly intelligent when it comes to Jack Russell Training only means one thing. Jack Russells are perfect for racing.

You might wonder how you would manage to get your dog to run against a lot of other dogs. Well this article will provide some light on what Jack Russell racing entails.

There are two types of races, one is just a flat race, and the other one has hurdles. To get the dogs to run against each other in a focused competitive manner, they make use of a lure. A lure is known to be a piece of fur that has a particular scent to it. A lure machine pulling this long piece of string along for guidance controls these lures.

The end of the race is marked with bales of hay with a hole in it, the size of a large Jack Russell. It is important that these stacks of hay are not too hard, since that might hurt the terriers.

This should be like a cushion to stop the dogs from racing, as well as keep them in that area so that the Jack Russell Owners can retrieve them.

Every Jack Russell dog must have a muzzle around their mouths. This rule is there as a precaution so that no dog will get hurt during the race.

In the hurdles races there should be a minimum of 4 hurdles in the race. The hurdles must also be made of a soft material so that the Jack Russell Terriers will not injure themselves. To be sure that the racing officials can differentiate between the dogs, they each wear a racing collar, usually with numbers on, or just different colors.

When it comes to Jack Russell racing each dog has to run both the flat races as well as the hurdle races to be able to qualify for the championship.

When the racing event is taking place it is also important that there is someone on site that knows a lot about Dog First Aid, and have a Dog First Aid Kit so if something happens the situation can be taken control of.

Dog racing can be a competitive event and a lot of fun, especially if there are Jack Russell Terriers involved. You can start your Jack Russell Terrier Training at a very young age. It is all about combining fun and discipline, two of your Jack Russell Terrier’s favorite things.

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