Common Jack Russell Terrier Health Problems

When it comes to Jack Russell Terrier Health Problems, it is not a given that your Jack Russell Terrier will fall ill or get sick with any of these problems.

Certain breeds of dogs are just more open to certain problems because of their built or habits. To be better informed as a whole it is also a good idea to have knowledge about Dog First Aid and have a Dog First Aid Kit so that you will know how to handle the situation at hand.

This article will help you gain more information on some of the most common Jack Russell health problems and give you some advice on how to treat them.

Jack Russell Terriers are prone to developing Eye Infections. They might get cataracts in their eyes or get lens luxation where the lens of the eye is dislocated.

The symptoms of these eye problems include watery eyes, a lighter color of the pupil, or a discharge from the eye that is very full of fluid. These problems can be fixed with surgery. Sometimes something might have just got stuck in the eye of your Jack Russell Terrier, wipe it out gently with a warm towel.

When it comes to the heart of the Jack Russell, they are also able to develop heart disease like us humans. It can also happen that Jack Russells get heartworms through mosquitoes. If your dog has any heart problems you will notice it by a change in appetite as well as sudden weight loss, breathing problems, easily tired, coughing and a change in heartbeat.


If you want to help prevent heart disease for your Jack Russell Vitamin E should help, and when it comes to the worms, you can get medication for this as well.

Another common Jack Russell Terrier health problem is motion sickness when travelling in a car. This will lead to vomiting and dizziness. You can prevent this by creating less movement by plasing them in their crate where they feel comfortable and make sure the crate is fastened to prevent too much movement. Providing them with water also helps.

Ear infection is a also a Jack Russell Terrier Health problem, the ears become infected by certain vorms of bacteria or even strange objects. The symptoms might include a lot of head shaking, scratching the ears more than usually, swelling of the ears or even rubbing the ears against the ground.

If the issues with the ears are minor you can just flush the ear with warm water and remove all objects or dirt with a cotton ball. Before you think of giving any medication or such, ask your vet first.

The above-mentioned Jack Russell Terrier health problems are just a few of the most common sicknesses or diseases. Most of these can be prevented, and be sure to know your dog and this will be a big help in the long run.

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