Jack Russell Terriers Information

When you are thinking about Jack Russell Terriers as a pet and becoming a Jack Russell Owner of this breed, it is important that you make sure that you and this type of dog will be a perfect match.

It is thus your responsibility as a new owner to do a lot of research on different types of dogs. This will ensure that you will have the perfect dog for you personality, lifestyle as well as home and space. It is a good idea to find out all you can Jack Russell Terriers if you are considering buying or adopting this breed.

Within the Jack Russell family there are numerous different types, shapes and sizes.

The following are some articles about this breed that you should read so that you will be better informed.

The Jack Russell Terrier breed comes in different sizes namely short leg Jack Russell’s as well as Miniature Jack Russells.

They can either have short hair or long hair in the form of softer or they can be a Rough Coat Jack Russell.

The size of the Jack Russell Terrier is mostly between 28-34cm or 11-14 inches and their weight around 6-kgs. or 13 pounds.

If Trained well this makes them a very convenient lap dog. If you are gathering information about Jack Russells you have to find out what types are available in your area, or what types you prefer.

You have to understand the difference between coating, size as well as color and look. Otherwise you might not be satisfied if you find out the one you bought is not the type you prefer.

When it comes to differences in appearance you must find out if the litter might be a Jack Russell Mix or cross breed.


The Jack Russell Chihuahua mix is one of these examples, and these dogs prove that dynamite comes in small packages.

Within the breed itself you will find:

The thing Jack Russell Terriers is that they need a lot of activity and attention. They are known to have been hunting dogs historically, and therefore it is important for them to be on the move so that they feel like they are doing a job.

You will need to have a good fenced yard for your Jack Russell to play in. They have no problem entertaining themselves through digging holes or chasing doves.

They are easy to maintain, since they are very comfortable indoor dogs. The main thing you have to keep in mind is that as soon as you are a Jack Russell Owner, then you are the Pack Leader as well.

These dogs crave guidance and are at their best when trained.

They make great watchdogs because they are so alert and active. A bite might not be as deadly, but through their loyalty the will surely not let go, and their barks are like sirens.

Jack Russells are ideal as a dog for an active family. When trained well they are marvelous with children. These small terriers have huge personalities, and before you know it you will have made a friendship for life.

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