Jack Russell Characteristics

You might be interested in a Jack Russell before even knowing it.

You might see them in the streets with their owners or even just some pups in a box at the pet shop.

Maybe you saw an ad for these dogs in the paper. But how can you be sure that this dog is a Jack by just looking at its features and characteristics of course.

This article will give you some information about this breed.

This breed of dogs are very unique when it comes to personality and habits. Our Jacks are very different when it comes to personality. One is older than the rest, so she just relaxes and rarely barks unnecessarily. The middle one is very shy and needs a lot of attention. The youngest one is very energetic but almost scared of people. She takes a while to get comfortable. This shows you that when it comes to personality no dog can be the same. A lot of factors influence the traits in the dogs.

As an Jack Russell Terrier Owner it is your duty to assure that your Jack Russell Pup will develop at its optimum potential when living with you.

The number and types of dogs you own will also play a role in their development. When it comes to attention your Terrier will always want to be in the middle of it. That is why they are more suitable for young energetic couples than families with a lot of small children.

If the puppies grow up with the small children it should not be a problem, but they tend to get anxious and snappy if too many children try and pick them up or play with them. Some will not get aggressive at all, but rather move away from the children, and go sit in a corner.

There are Rough Coat Jack Russells and smooth coat with white being the predominant colors, and then a combination of browns as spots and patches.

They can either have short hair or long hair, and most types are known for their short legs. You also get different variations depending where they are bred.

Irish Jacks are more relaxed, and do not have the hunting instinct like most other Jacks.

Jacks are great guard dogs, as soon as you have established that you are the Alpha Dog and the Pack Leader, these little canines will be extremely loyal and protective over you.

Since they get excited so easily and often, you can tame this by giving them the option for Regular Exercise. You should also keep your Jack in a spacious environment so that they will not feel trapped and imprisoned.

If you are looking for a low maintenance companion with fairly little Health problems then this is the breed for you.

Jack Russell Terrier Training is not hard at all, and before you know it, you will have your own little bodyguard.

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