Kennel Cough Home Remedies

A lot of people are turning to kennel cough home remedies these days in lieu of prescribed or over the counter pharmaceutical medicines, and with good reason.

Natural remedies typically come with very few side effects, if any, and they are extremely cheap. Many of them can be kept year round in a dog first aid kit, while others are just everyday items found around the kitchen.

In fact, it's easier than ever to make use of kennel cough home remedies, and here is a short list of three of the best ones for most types of dogs.

The measurements, when specified, are typically for medium to large dogs, between 50 and 80 lbs, so if your dog is larger or smaller you may need to adjust the measurements accordingly.

Lemon and Honey; A Kennel Cough Home Remedy

One of the easiest ways to treat the symptoms of kennel cough is by adding lemon and honey to your dog's water bowl.

Both of these ingredients are cleansing and can relieve most of the kennel cough symptoms of coughing and sore throat, allowing your dog to get some much-needed rest.

You should see some results in about an hour, and the entire infection should be gone within about a week.

To use this home remedy, simply place one teaspoon of lemon juice in water along with one teaspoon of honey. You might need to use a lot of water to disperse the flavor if your dog won't drink it at first.

Hydrogen Peroxide Home Remedy for Kennel Cough

Hydrogen peroxide is something that can be found at any pharmacy or grocery store for about $1.

It has a long history of use for both human and animal ailments, and is often touted as the most effective out of all the other kennel cough home remedies.

Be sure you have 3% hydrogen peroxide, nothing stronger, and place about 3 drops in your dog's water bowl.

Use an eyedropper to get a correct measurement; otherwise you might end up accidentally pouring in too much.

You should notice a marked decrease in symptoms in less than 30 minutes, and you'll probably see all symptoms drop dramatically within the next two days.

Always be sure to use only 3% hydrogen peroxide and never use too much at one time. Replace every other bowl with fresh water.

Garlic Kennel Cough Natural Remedies

Finally, thousands of dog owners swear by garlic as the most effective of kennel cough remedies.

Garlic is full of vitamins and a component called allicin, which acts as an antibiotic in animals. This means that it quickly kills off any bacteria that may be the causes of kennel cough.

Garlic can be prepared for your dog in several different ways. The most convenient method is to just use garlic pills from the health store and stick them in his food.

Alternatively, you could throw fresh garlic in a blender with some broth and a few cooked vegetables to give him a more holistic treatment.

Please get your dog checked for garlic allergies before using it.