Kennel Cough Home Remedy

Finding a good kennel cough home remedy these days is as simple as going online and performing a Google search.

Since that's probably what brought you to this article in the first place there's a good chance your dog probably already has kennel cough, or is at least showing some early warning signs that he may be developing kennel cough symptoms.

While preventative measures are the best option for any airborne infectious dog diseases, by this point it's probably too late for that.

Therefore, here are a few of the best home remedies for kennel cough, and a bit of common sense dog first aid knowledge to help you out.

First of all, you should focus on your dog's comfort.

Kennel cough produces an extremely dry, grating, raspy cough that's exacerbated in dry air conditions.

You can use a small room humidifier to moisten the air around your dog's bed. This will make it easier for him to breathe and can do a lot to reduce the symptoms of kennel cough all by itself.

Keep in mind that a lot of commercial humidifiers use water scented with essential oils, and while some oils are fine for dogs, others are actually pretty harmful.

Fresh, unadulterated water is the best option for any dog or pet.

The next kennel cough home remedy you may want to use is vitamin C.

During this time, your dog's immune system is working on overdrive to fight off the infection, so you need to give it as much fuel as possible. Vitamin C is one of the best ways to boost immune system, so adding a chewable capsule to his meals can get him that extra boost he desperately needs.

There are some vitamin C capsules that are specially formulated for animals, but you can typically use a human chewable vitamin C instead.

If you want to give him his vitamin C in another way and soothe some of his coughing symptoms while you're at it, you can add a bit of honey and lemon to his water bowl.

Just as these two incredible ingredients help humans with their colds, they are extremely effective cure for kennel cough. A lot of dogs will avoid the taste and scent of the water at first, so for the first few times you can put a crumbled up dog biscuit in the water as well.

Lemon is full of vitamin C and has soothing effects on the throat, and honey will work to soothe the throat as well. Combined they are one of the most effective kennel cough home remedies around.

Finally, some people recommend placing a few drops of hydrogen peroxide in the dog's water bowl. Hydrogen peroxide is a very benign and harmless substance at lower concentrations; it's basically water with an extra oxygen molecule attached.

This extra oxygen helps kill the bacteria, which is usually anaerobic and survives without any oxygen.

Be sure to only use 3% hydrogen peroxide from the grocery store when using it as a kennel cough home remedy.

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