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Your veterinarian should be able to recommend the best kennel cough medicine for your dog, but if you want to look at some extra options it helps to know what causes kennel cough in the first place, because there might be some vastly different treatment options available to you.

Kennel cough isn't actually any specific disease. It's the term used to describe any disease or infection that causes the same type of symptoms, much the way a cold is the term used to describe just about every respiratory infection that humans get. In fact, two very different types of invaders can cause kennel cough, and they both require different kennel cough treatment.

The most common cause of kennel cough is a bacteria known as bordetella bronchiseptica. This bacteria enters the body through the nasal passages in the mouth and nose and takes up residence in the respiratory tract of the body it's invading.

Even though the bordetella bacteria are the most common cause, there are other types of bacterium that can cause the same kennel cough symptoms. Bacteria are living organisms, and as a result the most common kennel cough medicine for this type of infection is an antibiotic.

In addition to the bacteria causes of kennel cough, it can also be caused by a viral infection.

Viruses aren't living organisms, so an antibiotic won't have any effect on them. They tend to cause the exact same symptoms of kennel cough in dogs, so unless you get some tests done at the vet it's nearly impossible to tell the difference.

The best kennel cough medicine for a viral infection is an antiviral, which is usually coupled with some sort of cough suppressant.

In the medical world, you will need two different types of medication to treat all the possible causes of kennel cough.

If you want to practice some dog first aid at home though you can use one treatment that will knock out both types of infection and give your dog the relief he needs in a much shorter time period. Garlic is useful for more than just making garlic bread; it is well know as both an antiviral and an antibiotic, not to mention its anti-fungal properties.

You can feed your dog fresh cloves of garlic two or three times a day to completely wipe out the foreign infection and get your dog back to full health once again.

Before throwing a few cloves in your dogs food bowl though, keep one thing in mind: a lot of dogs are allergic to garlic, and feeding garlic to these dogs can be very dangerous. It's not difficult to get an allergy test for your dog so you can rest assured that you won't be putting him in harm's way by giving him this natural kennel cough medicine.

If your dog won't eat the garlic, which happens pretty often, you can use garlic capsules instead. It's possible to get odorless capsules so your dog won't even notice them. If you keep this up for a week your dog should be kennel cough free in no time.

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