Kennel Cough Natural Remedies

The best kennel cough natural remedies are those that you can find right in your kitchen, without even getting out the dog first aid kit.

A lot of veterinarians will recommend that you go for a prescription medication, which will usually involve something to soothe the throat and slow down mucus production.

Jar of Honey

The problem with these medications is that they contain all kinds of chemicals and extra ingredients, so a lot of people tend to look for home remedies for kennel cough rather than relying on the pharmaceuticals.

Even vets these days are becoming more open minded to the idea of using natural remedies to treat viral infections like this. In fact, some may even recommend it, since it's a more economical option that rarely has any side effects.

The first natural kennel cough treatment that you can try with kennel cough is using garlic to kill the infection.

Kennel cough is a viral infection that takes hold in the upper windpipe. This respiratory infection is spread through the air on minuscule mucus particles that fly out whenever a dog coughs or sneezes.

There are also cases of kennel cough being caused by bacteria, and both bacteria and virus causes are very common.

Garlic is a well known antibiotic (for the bacteria) and antiviral (for the virus), allowing you to tackle both possible causes of kennel cough with one treatment.

Garlic and dogs is a touchy subject, since a lot of people seem to think that garlic is extremely harmful for dogs.

The truth of the matter is that only dogs that are allergic to garlic are at risk.

Otherwise, normal doses of garlic won't have any ill effects. Because of the potential risk though, it's always important to have your dog tested for allergies before using any kind of kennel cough natural remedies.

There are two ways you can get the garlic into your dog's system.

First of all, you can make a garlic based gravy to ladle over his food.

To do this, just take fresh garlic cloves, carrots, broccoli, and broth and toss all the ingredients into a blender.

Blend it up until it's smooth, about the consistency of cream, and just put it on top of your dogs food at mealtime.

Keep doing this for about a week or until the kennel cough symptoms go away.

If you want an easier way that doesn't create such a mess, you can put a garlic pill into your dog's food at every meal. Some dogs won't eat the pill though, which is why you might have to resort to the gravy method.

The next home remedy for kennel cough you could try is honey and lemon.

That's right, this is the same thing you give to people when they have a cough.

Mix around one tablespoon of lemon juice and one tablespoon of honey with a lot of water and put it in your dog's water bowl. Most dogs will be hesitant to drink this at first, but once they do the cough will stop almost instantly.

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