Kennel Cough Remedies Information

Finding effective kennel cough remedies is one of the biggest challenges faced by dog owners when it comes to this uncomfortable disease.

Once the virus takes hold, it's difficult to completely get rid of it, and much like the human cold you may see Kennel Cough Symptoms sticking around for weeks and weeks. Most of the time, a dog will contract kennel cough after being in close proximity to an infected dog. The name comes from the fact that the virus spreads most rapidly in spaces where dogs are kept close together, such as in a kennel.

The Symptoms of Kennel Cough are easily noticeable; your dog will first develop a dry, rasping cough that will sound like he is trying to dislodge something from inside his throat. A fever and profuse sneezing will usually accompany it. As the virus really sets in and takes hold of the dog's windpipe, the fever will increase and you'll start to see a yellowish green mucus discharge when your dog coughs. If you don't find effective kennel cough remedies right away the virus can eventually become infected or escalate into something more serious like pneumonia, which is life threatening if left untreated.

The best Kennel Cough Treatment is to target the virus as soon as you notice the symptoms, before the virus has a chance to fully take hold. Some people like to take preventative measures by giving their dog a remedy every time they come from a stay in a kennel, just to load their immune system up so that it has a better chance of fighting any latent infections. Of course, to do this you need some proper Natural Kennel Cough Treatment options. For kennel cough remedies, you don't need to look in your Dog First Aid Kit; many of them can be found right in your own kitchen.

Before attempting any of these Home Remedies for Kennel Cough, be sure you speak with your vet. Every dog is different and some could react badly to the treatment. Start with lower doses at first to see how your dog handles it before going to a full dose. The good news is that once you ascertain that your dog will experience no ill effects, you can jump straight into a full dose every other time your dog gets infected.

Out of the entire home kennel cough remedies; one of the best is garlic. Garlic is a strong antibiotic, antiviral, and antifungal, and will strengthen the immune system to allow it to better fight the viral infection. Of course, getting your dog to eat garlic is an entirely different matter. The easiest way is to use a garlic pill, which can be purchases at most health food stores and some pharmacies. If you are interested in going all-natural, you can make a gravy to pour over your dog's food. Take a few cloves of fresh garlic and put them in a blender with boiled carrots and either chicken or beef broth. Blend it all until it's smooth and just ladle it over the food.

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