The Labradors Silver Characteristics

The Labradors Silver color is commonly misunderstood.

Labradors are all registered as either a black, yellow or Chocolate Labrador Retriever.

Since the American Kennel Club recognizes Silver Labrador Retrievers, they are registered by checking the box next to the chocolate color and then to the side there is a blank to write in the color silver.

When one receives their registration or looks at a Labradors registration code he will find the letter S in the number, or code. This is how you can distinguish its true registry as a Silver Labrador.

Silver Labradors Breed vs the Weimaraner Breed

Silver Labrador Retrievers are often confused with a Weimaraner.

The Labradors silver coat is almost the identical color of a Weimaraner. If you really compare the two dogs side by side, though, there is a real difference. The Labradors silver coat is thicker and longer than a Weimaraner.

The Labradors silver bushy tail is much different. The labs tail has longer, bushier fur and when the dog is at attention and the tail is still, the fur blows in the wind, unlike a Weimaraner.

Labrador Retrievers want to please so badly. I've often said the difference between a Labrador and other dogs I've had is that when I come home my other dogs are glad to see me, now what can I do for them? My silver Labrador is glad when I come in but she wants to know what she can do for me.

Just recently my sons old chocolate lab was murdered. Yes, I use a harsh word because that is what happened. I have a six-month-old silver Labrador puppy I kept from my last litter so this guy will go to my son.

This silver Labrador is extremely low keyed. He is six months old and kennel trained for the house. My son has plans for his new puppy, Ben. He already has been working with a trainer (my son, not the dog) so he will start with baby Ben as soon as he gets him.

By the early winter, Ben should be ready for "live" Training in the duck field.

Baby Ben has already been fetching some but when he plays it is usually when his mother is around, Labradors, or any other dogs that you are training, need a lot of one on one training. Training a youngster like this takes a lot of patience.

Just like children, young dogs can't hold their attention very long at all. If you get fifteen minutes at a time you are extremely lucky. As far as a reward is concerned, pure love and affection is all they want, but a dog biscuit can't hurt!

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