Largest Dog Breed Information

The Great Dane is currently the largest dog breed, although not every specimen is considered to be so.

These are massive animals that can weigh more than 200 lbs when they're fully grown. Despite this intimidating size, Great Danes are actually very friendly and calm dogs, making them perfect pets to have around the house, whether as watch dogs or just as extra family members. The largest Great Dane, and the current record holder for Biggest Dog Breed, is a Dane by the name of Giant George, who is more than 7 feet long from head to tail.

While Small Dog Breeds may be nervous, excitable, tense, and anxious, the Great Dane is strong, steadfast, patient, and dependable to the extreme. They are rarely excited about anything unless it's a danger to their masters, in which case they will leap into action at a moment's notice. Despite their size, the world's largest dog breed is actually great with children, provided of course you train it from a young age not to jump up on people. While Great Danes may be well meaning and playful, they have a tendency to not realize how large they really are. This can get very dangerous in a short amount of time when there are children involved.

Great Danes live an average of 12 or 13 years, but this number has been going up recently because there have been a lot of advancements in both nutrition science and veterinary techniques. While it's still uncommon, Great Danes have been known to live as long as 20 years with the best care and attention. A lot of this comes down to the dog's nutrition while it's still a New Puppy.

Great Danes have a tremendously high growth ratio from the time they're born until they're fully grown, and because of this their skeletons and organs, especially the heart, are put under considerable strain to keep up with the growing body.

By giving your puppy food with enough vitamins and minerals while he's still in the process of growing, he'll be sure to get everything he needs for his organs and skeletal structure to grow at the same rate. A lot of the health problems in adult Great Danes come from their joints, their back, or their heart. Minimal Dog First Aid often isn't enough to keep up with the recurring Dog Health Problems of an unhealthy or malnourished dog. If you're starting with a puppy, it's also recommended that you don't try to make him jog until he's over a year old. That first year is one of the most crucial parts of the development, and his joints and bones will still be fairly weak at that point.

The best environment for the world's largest dog breed is actually both a house or an apartment, believe it or not. Even though they don't require a lot of attention, they won't do well with an owner who is away a lot for extended periods of time, and they should be able to sleep inside at night.

If you are interest, here is a List of Large Dog Breeds and a List of Small Dog Breeds.

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