Little Tao (tay oh)

by DIane
(Warren, Ohio)

Little Tao

Little Tao

I was in my neighbors back yard with Tao on the leash. The kind that extends then come back to you. While talking with me neighbor Tao was just walking around and smelling everything as he usually does when he walked behind my garage and he was out of sight.

Not concerned due to him being on the leash and knowing there is nothing back there that could hurt him, I was not concerned. After several minutes though, I walked to him and said what are you doing when I saw him eating a block of Blue Death, rat poison. (My neighbor had put it out but didn't tell me) I was so scared, knowing that it causes death by internal bleeding, I grabbed my coffee cup and started trying to rinse his mouth out.

I took him in the house and started calling my vet and other vet office. Thank God we have a Emergency Veterinarian business in our area. They advised me to give him a tsp.of peroxide to cause him to throw up. If he did not throw up in 15 min. to give him another tsp.of it.

This was free advice that ASPC poison control center wanted a payment of $60.00 applied to my credit card.

Tao is a Pappilion and weighed 12 pounds when this happened in 2005. The peroxide made him throw up almost immediately and I could see all of the poison. So he did live and is still alive today and is 12 years old.

He did have to have 4 front teeth extracted due to the poison turned them black. He still tries to eat every crumb I drop but he is not underfed as he now weighs 17 lbs.

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