Long Hair Dachshund Dog Information

It seems that the long hair Dachshund dog has been around for a long time now.

There are two possibilities on how the longhair Dachshund came to be.

The first one indicates that it could have been through selective breeding. Regular Dachshund Dogs were simply giving birth to dogs that had longer hair, and through carefully choosing the longer hair dogs of the Dachshund Dog Breed, the long hair Dachshund came to be.

The second one suggests that it was simply through mixed breeding of several different hunting spaniels and that it did not come from a pure line of naturally long hair Dachshunds.

Regardless of how they came to be, they are known to be very loving and loyal animals. They are dogs that will do anything for their masters and are completely happy to be pampered by them. This is the prefect Dog for people who live in apartments.

They are perfect guard dogs for someone who lives alone. These dogs are quite fond of people, so a family looking to adopt a dog like this is also ideal. When strangers come to the house, they can be quite loud and troublesome. They do have a tendency to bite strangers if they are provoked, but once the dog is used to them, there shouldn't be any behavior problems.

These dogs love to play and sometimes spending an hour a day playing with them is not enough. They enjoy a good chase and will often crave more and more. It is best that you play with your long hair Dachshund dog before you go to work so that they do not whine during the day. The Dachshund Dog Breeds certainly do not like being alone, however if you ensure they have enough toys around them, they will not be so mischievous.

They are quite clever and might start to act up to get you to notice them. This could mean that they will take important objects that you use and hide them. In order to prevent this, just make sure you play with them for about an hour before work and an hour after work.

Long hair Dachshund dogs need to be brushed on a daily basis to prevent their hair from getting stuck together. It is not good to bathe them weekly as a lot of their natural oils could be stripped from their hair. When this occurs, they can have dry skin, which is quite uncomfortable for your dog, and this could lead to other skin problems.

It is probably best to bathe your dog either once every two weeks or once a month. Bathing them with just shampoo will do, but it is recommended that you use conditioner so it is easier for you, and less painful for the dog, when you comb him. They are about medium shedders, so all you have to do is wipe them with a damp towel to get rid of any loose hair.

Other than that, they are really easygoing dogs that love to play and be adored.

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