A Long Hair Weimaraner
is a rare Breed

When talking about Weimaraners most people forget about the Long Hair Weimaraner.

This is also a breed of the Weimaraner variety and has gained a lot of popularity in places like Australia. Normally Weimaraners are known to possess a short coat; however there is even a Long Haired Weimaraner but this variety is rather rare and was at first regarded as a disadvantage of the Weimaraner Breed.

Today a lot of research and study has revealed that the long hair has traits that provide it resistance against many types of diseases. In addition to this the long hair Dog Breed Weimaraner is also ideal for surviving in colder regions as the long hair provides it more protection.

So now a lot of people are opting for the Weimaraner. But despite this popularity and world wide acceptance countries like the United States of America and Canada still do not accept this breed as a pure bred variety. In the year 1935 all other major countries registered this as a pure breed.

This Weimaraner has all the other traits like behavior; Temperament and Health very much like that of the short coat variety.

The only difference is that of the long hair coat. Some people who live in places where temperatures are comparatively high find the maintenance of this dog a little troublesome as the dogs shed a significant amount of hair.

So the short coat is generally easier to groom as they only require a brushing once everyday to evenly spread the oil and make their coat shine. Even though the short hair is easier to handle the long hair certainly looks more beautiful and attractive.

Like the short the long haired dogs can be found in many Weimaraner Colors, which range from mousy to steel grey.

A long hair Blue Weimaraner is the rarest of all the kinds in this particular breed as the blue and the long hair gene are recessive and only certain cases can produce offspring of this variety.

In order to produce a long hair weimaraner it is important for either one of the sires to be of the long hair variety or they need to be carriers of the recessive long hair gene, however there also been cases where the mating of both long hair dogs has resulted in short hair pups in the litter, hence the reason for the rare availability of this breed.

The coat of this Weimaraner is rather soft and silky and can be straight or wavy. Generally wavy hair is present on the ears and at the back of the legs. Along with this a long, undocked plume like tail gives this dog a very beautiful appearance.

The reason for the coat providing resistance from extreme cold is that there are two coats present; one is a coarse top coat that helps in getting rid of water and a softer undercoat that helps in maintaining the body temperature.

Thus this dog is ideal for all those who live in cold areas and need a pet that is both loving and protective.

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Long Hair Weimaraner to Weimaraner Information

Long Hair Weimaraner to Weimaraner Information

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