A Long Haired Weimaraner is the best companion in cold areas

If you live in cold areas like that of Canada and England then the Long Haired Weimaraner is a dog that is bet suited to your climate.

This type of Weimaraner is very rare and normally people when they discuss this Weimaraner Breed the first thing they imagine is a short coat.

However recent studies and extensive research has revealed that the Long Hair Weimaraner is far more resistive to ailments as when compared to the short coat variety of Weimaraner Dogs.

The reason for the increased resistance is their coat, which is double, layered. This is the only difference between a short and a long haired Weimaraner. The presence of an outer layer that is coarse and an inner undercoat, which is silky, makes this variety appear a little different from the short coat Weimaraner.

The outer coat helps in repelling water hence helping the animal survive in colder regions which are prone to be wet, along with this increased protection is provided by the undercoat which is rather soft and silky and helps in providing insulation that is prevention of loss of heat to the surrounding air.

All these features enable the dog to survive harsh conditions for a longer period of time. The increased protection also helps the animal in hunting in frigid conditions hence making an excellent guard dog in cold regions. Apart from this there are practically no other difference in that of a short and a long haired variety.

Despite there being no other difference the American kennel club does not accept the long haired as a pure breed dog. This is rather a shame as the Dog Breed Weimaraner is so beautiful and very much capable like that of its short coat kin in the act of hunting and providing protection.

All over the world the long haired variety is highly preferred and appreciated ever since the year of 1935. Today with researches providing proof of the increased resistivity of the Weimaraner Breed more and more people are opting for this breed of dog in cold regions. Today many organizations have been set up that are focusing on getting the AKC to recognize the long haired variety as a pure breed in North America.

The coat of the long haired Weimaraner may either be of straight hair or wavy. Generally the ears and area behind the legs have wavy hair and the rest of the body is covered with straight silky hair, which shines when brushed properly.

Grooming this dog is also quite difficult; asa person has to endure the pains of collecting large amounts of hair that is shed. This is not true with that of the short hair coat variety and hence making them easy to maintain.

The long haired is as faithful, loving and intelligent as all other Weimaraners and has the added trait of being all the more beautiful.

If you live in cold areas and need a good pet that is obedient, protective and loving then the long haired variety is the best option for you.

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